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Corpo e Anima

Corpo e Anima

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Corpo e Anima

Eau De Parfum

Corpo e Anima -- "Body and Soul"-- is as mysterious, enchanting, disorienting, and inexplicable as love at first-sight. It's male. It's female. It's dense as soil and as delicate as a rose petal.


Corpo e Anima is a synthesis of opposites: The rarest and most expensive Oud resin in the world; and the most iconic early-morning Bulgarian Rose. 


Oud alone is lost in a trance. A musty cathedral of worn, leather hymnals, heady incense and the eternally-lit candels of sacred pleading.


Indigenous to the forest of Asia, India and the Middle East, locals have hunt Oud's elusive incense for generations. It is reserved for the trance of worship. Resin from a rare mold found on the tropical Agar (Aquilaria) tree is hidden deep in forests of Asia, India and the Middle East. 


Oud and Rose. Earth and Heaven. Body and Soul. 


Corpo e Anima.  

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