Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost to have an interlock fitted ?

Interlock installation cost varies depending on the type of vehicle that it is to be fitted to. To obtain a qoute please contact us for an installation cost.

How much does monthly servicing cost ?

Your monthly servicing cost is $175.00. If you hold a valid Pension/Concession Card you may be elible to receive a discount on your monthly servicing.

Do i have to make an appointment to have my Interlock calibrated ?

No. you are welcome to just turn up during our regular business hours and most times we will attend to you straight away. generally an average service will take approx 15 minutes.

Do i have to make a booking to have an interlock installed ?

Yes. please contact us to arrange a prefered day to have it installed. Generally installations are completed on the same day.

Do you make holes in my dashboard ?

No every component of the interlock system is fitted as to not damage or alter any factory surface of the vehicle.

How long does it take to have my interlock removed once my term is completed ?

Once you receive your removal advice letter from RMS Services you may call us to arrange a time suitable to have the Interlock removed. Removal time generally takes aprox. 1 - 1.5 hours depending on the vehicle.

Can anyone else drive my vehicle ?

Yes. Anyone may drive your vehicle as long as they provide the required breath analysis.

Can i drive someone elses vehicle that does not have an interlock ?

No. You are only elegible to drive a vehicle fitted with an interlock system. Driving a vehicle without and interlock device is an offence and may incur penalties according to NSW law.

Can i fit an extra interlock to another vehicle ?

Yes. You can fit another interlock if you intend on driving more than one vehicle. You will have to pay for another installation fee and montly lease fees.

Can i have an interlock fitted to my motorcycle ?

Yes. We can fit an interlock to you motorcycle. The interlock is attached to the fuel tank with a motorcycle weather resistant bag. You will have the option to purschase the bag or lease it from us.

Can interlocks be fitted to 24v trucks/buses ?

Yes. Our interlocks are 12v/24v compatible which means they can be fitted to trucks and buses.

Can i have an interlock fitted to a friends/company/families vehicle ?

Yes. The registered owner of that vehicle must fill out a consent form to allow you to have it fitted to their vehicle.

What paper work do i need to bring with me ?

You will be required to bring the letter from RMS Services (advice of eligibilty for alcohol interlock program) which states the date from which you will be eligible to have an interlock fitted and apply for your interlock conditional license. Installation Certificate will be provided by us.

What if i cant start my car due to a fault with the interlock or due to a violation ?

Smartstart offer 24 hour telephone support to assist you in any case that you may require.

What if i cant come in on the due date for my interlock servicing ?

Once the due date passes you have 7 additional days to have your interlock serviced. Once those 7 days have expired you will be locked out. Smartstarts 24 hour support centre will assist you by providing you with an unlock code so you can get to your nearest service centre. This unlock code will incur a charge of $55.00.

Why is there a camera fitted ?

The camera is there to provide evidence that it is the driver that is blowing into the interlock device.


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