Anima e Corpa

Anima e Corpa,  body and soul,  is as mysterious, enchanting, disorienting, and inexplicable as love at first-sight.

It's male.

It's female.

It's as dense as soil.

It's as delicate as a single petal.


Anima e Corpa pairs Oud, a dense musky resin --and the rarest, most expensive essence in the world, --with the classically sweet and fragile Bulgarian Rose. 


Instead of clashing, the polar fragrances attract and dance a forbidden tango of opposites. 

With denouement, Anima e Corpa teases for attention with notes of cinnamon and orange appearing from nowhere. Other fleeting, fascinating guests come and go as well.


And so, Anima e Corpa is greater than the sum of its parts. Oud alone is lost in a trance. It's a musty cathedral of worn, leather hymnals, the thick incense and flickering candles of ritual. Only the rose can play with it, lighten it and take it to where it was always meant to go.


Oud and Rose. Earth and Heaven. Body and Soul. 


Anima e Carpo.  

Anima e Corpa

© 2019 by Candice Wu Couture