About us

About LaViona:
LaViona is a lifestyle brand built for a little fancy taste inside you. We are a team of two passionate crafty mates living and working in Gold Coast, Australia. We enjoy the flexibility and strength of wood and bamboo that are used our handcrafted sunglasses and watches. A series of sunglasses and watches inspired by the contemporary Australian and international fashion world are selected just for you. You can rest assured that these are the most eco-friendly, sustainable and recyclable material. 
We are sure that LaViona can help you celebrate your cool look in your trendy town at a fraction of a boutique price. We are based on the beautiful Gold Coast, Australia. With love, passion and education in this stylish nature-derived Woody fashion, LaViona strives to make, design and deliver the highest quality, authentic and hand-made products to your door. 

The Story of Our Brand and Names of Our Products:

A few years ago we decided to visit the heritage of one the oldest human culture and history on earth, Persia, or what it is called for few centuries, Iran. Beautiful country, amazing mountains, forests, rivers and of course the Caspian Sea, we were absolutely gobsmacked with the hospitality of people everywhere we visited. 

A little town right in the middle of the country and between those sandy deserts and mountains will never fade away in our memories, though.  "Abyaneh: A Village of Great Antiquity" is famous for its unique reddish hue and known as one of the oldest in Persia. "Abyaneh" got the name from the local dialect, "Viona" which means willow grove. 

This town of ancient history inhabited crafty people who handcraft everything, their houses, their day to day living needs, their clothes and their delicious food. They gave us the warmest welcome and showed us the way human adapt to nature, exceed the boundaries of time and space and we experienced a unique ancient civilisation and culture. Inspired by the ancient Viona and its artful people we decided to name our handcrafted collection of wooden sunglasses and watches "LaViona".


Still amazed with our visit, we noticed that Persians have a great taste in naming their kids, very musical yet deeply meaningful and inspirational. Baran, Rojin, Arjen and Arya were few that we picked for our collection. With deeper study, we found out the fascinating purpose behind these names, and for that, we are sharing 
with you some of those names and their meanings in our products.

Our vision is providing you with a little vibe that would help your way of appreciation of retro and make you diverge from the mainstream and carve a trendy culture all for yourself! You can become our friends, and follow our social channels, learn about our updates, enter to our VIP Club for great discounts and enjoy our trendy woodcrafts that we collected.

Thanks for visiting our online boutique and hope you enjoy our products.

LaViona Team